Maximize Contribution from the State Plantation Lands to the National Development


Introduce reforms that increase productivity of state plantation lands, ensure sustainable use of both agricultural and non-agricultural resources available in such lands, and enhance socioeconomic development of the human resources employed in the sector.

Duties and Functions

  • Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects, in relation to the subject of State Plantation Enterprises Reforms and all subjects that come under the purview of Statutory Institutions and Public Corporations listed in Column II based on the national policies implemented by the government.
  • Provision of public services under the purview of the Ministry in an efficient and people friendly manner
  • Reforming all systems and procedures using modern management techniques and technology, thus ensuring that the functions of the Ministry are fulfilled while eliminating corruption and waste.
  • Restructuring of State plantation enterprises and introducing necessary reforms for the Institutions listed in Column II in order to enhance their productivity and increase the revenue generated by such Institutions
  • Supervision of the Institutions listed in Column II

Organizational Structure