Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation (SLSPC) was established in 1958 under the Ceylon State Plantations Corporation Act No. 4 and it was amended by subsequent Acts No. 12 of 1962, and 49 of 1979. The concept behind establishing the State Plantations Corporation was to strength the contribution of the state plantation sector to the National Economy

With the enactment of the Land Reforms Act of 1972 all profitable Estates were taken over by the government for their better management and vested with the two Institutions namely - Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation (SLSPC) and Janatha Estates Development Board (JEDB) which were established under the amended State Agricultural Corporation Act of 1975.

The Janatha Estates Development Board (JEDB) was established in 1976 to manage 263 plantations covering 140,000 hectares, vested in the state under the land reform act in 1972 and after 109 years from the establishment of first commercial tea plantation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1867 by James Taylor on Loolecondera Estate where the longest Tea Factory in the Country is also located.

Kurunegala Plantations Limited (KPL), incorporated in 1992, is fully Government Owned Company, re-registered under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007. The Company was established by vesting lands managed by the Janatha Estates Development Board in terms of the provisions of the Conversion of Corporations and Government Owned Business Undertakings into Public Companies Act No. 23 of 1987 promulgated under the State Privatization Policy.

Elkaduwa Plantations Limited (EPL) is a publicly owned enterprise with state ownership, managing ten estates. It holds the distinction of being the most diversified Regional Plantation Company (RPC), encompassing six tea estates and four mixed crop estates. Furthermore, the company boasts a wealth of natural resources, including dolomite, quartz, and multiple water sources for potential development. Elkaduwa Estate, home to the well-known Sembuwatte Lake, is a significant tourist attraction in the country.

Chilaw Plantations Limited (CPL) is a limited liability Company incorporated and domiciled in Sri Lanka , under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 (re-registered under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007) in terms of the provisions of the Conversion of Public Corporations or Government Owned Business Undertaking into Public Companies Act No. 23 of 1987. Full shares and the "Golden Share" status are allotted to the Secretary to the treasury, on behalf of the State of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. We manage eighty five Coconut estates grouped under six area estates covering a total land extent of 5,733 hectares vested on State under the land reform act in 1972. At present, the CPL manages eighty five coconut estates located in the coconuts triangle mainly in the districts of Puttalam, Kurunegala & Gampaha consisting intercrops such as Cashew, Rambutan, Pepper, Cinnamon & Dragon Fruit as well, in addition to the animal husbandry such as Buffalo and sheep.

We are the nation’s CTC and Orthodox Tea specialist, with a passion for everything that makes a quality brew. Since the commencement of the Kalubowitiyana CTC Tea operation, we have been spreading our reach globally by manufacturing thick coloury CTC grades for renowned, quality blends for everyone to enjoy.

Kalubowitiyana Tea Factory Ltd (KTFL) was incorporated on the 30th of September 1992 as a Public Company fully owned by the Government of Sri Lanka and functioning under the Ministry of Plantation Industries. It began commercial operations with the commencement of manufacturing at the newly built CTC Tea Factory located in Kalubowitiyana, Morawaka on 1st August 1994. The Derangala Tea Factory in Derangala Morawaka was re-built under the Kalubowitiyana umbrella, and commenced manufacturing of Orthodox Teas in March 2000. Company acquired the Hiniduma Hills Tea Factory in Neluwa and Menikdiwela Tea Factory in Manikdiwela, Pilimathalawa to its network in the years 2012 and 2015, increasing the total production capacity to over 1700 MT p.a..