Special Discussion with the Expert Committee Members 

Hon Minister held a Special discussion with the Expert Committee appointed recently to strengthen the management of commercial plantations with optimizing the utilization of  unusual underutilized lands of the plantation sector towards the establishment of export-oriented plantation. The Hon. Minister emphasized the importance of bringing about reforms to strengthen plantain factors.

New Year Celebrate with the Secretary and the Ministry Officials

Hon. Ranjith Siyabalapitiya inaugurated the proceeding for the New Year celebrate with the Secretary and the ministry officials at the Ministry Premises at Sethsiripaya Stage II.

Field Visit the Minister and Chairmen of JEDB and Chilaw Plantain and other Officers

As revealed by a Audit Report, Hon. Minister Dr.Ranjith Siyabalapitiya visited the Palugaswewa Estate and the Estates of Kalpitiya  Region of Chilaw Plantation to inspect the under utilization and encroachments reported nearly in 1200 areas of 54 estates overall.  A special report is to be produced the Hon. president …… effective usage of those lands and their resources. The Secretory of the Ministry the Chairmen of JEDB and Chilaw Plantain and other officers of the chillaw plantation company Limited also joined.

Field visit the Minister and Chairmen of JEDB and Mount Jean State and other officers

Hon Minister of State Plantation Enterprise Reforms Minister Ranjith Siyabalapitiya visited Galaboda Estate and a dairy farm that runs on a long-term of Mounts Jean State. The Secretary of a ministry Chairman of JEDB and officials of the ministry and JEDB also joined.